King Chulalongkorn Memorial Amateur

Radio Society in Ragunda, Sweden


Rig 1

Yaesu FT-1000MP

All band HF

100 W

PA 1


3,5-50 MHz

1000 W

Digital voice keyer




USB sound card for digital modes








Rig 2


2 m FM transceiver

25 W





Rig 3

Yaesu FT-225 RD

2 m allmode transceiver

25 W





Antenna 1

JP-Tribander beam *)

14-21-28 MHz

20 m up

Antenna 2

2 el beam

7 MHz

24 m up

Antenna 3


10-18-24 MHz

15 m up

Antenna 4

4-el mono bander beam

14 MHz

12 m up

Antenna 5

Folded Dipole

3,5-7-14-18-24-28 MHz

20 m up

Antenna 6


1,8 MHz

20 m up

Antenna 7

Vertikal ARX-2

145 MHz

15 m up

*) Information about JP Tribander (Made by Oy Finnish Antenna Ltd and used in WRTC 2002) is effective tribander beam for 20m, 15m and 10meters with full size elements without traps. Antenna is designed using latest computer modelling techniques to achieve best overall performance. All modelling results are carefully tested in normal real life environment.

This design provides you following features:


6 active fullsize elements: 2 element for 20m, 2 element for 15m and 2 element for 10m.

No traps, no powerlimits (except possible balun)

Single feedline