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2014-07-01 and 2014-07-05



Re-opening of the radio museum in Kälarne



The Radio Museum in Kälarne was re-opened Tuesday July 1. During the ceremony SI9AM was represented by SM3FJF/Jörgen and SM3HKN/Kennet. Earlier was the museum in a school building in Hammarstrand, but was closed for several years due to a water damaged. The search for new suitable place began and at least they found a new location in a old school in Kälarne.


At the re-opening SM3FJF/Jörgen, president of SI9AM handed flowers and a poster "Telecommunications history" with Morse Code to the museum's owner, radio enthusiast Sune Kvist. The poster "Telecommunications history" was placed in the window above the woman sitting with a telegraph key.




Visiting the radio museum in Kälarne


Radio enthusiasts met Radio Enthusiast


12 radio amateurs from SI9AM met the radio enthusiast Sune Kvist with XYL Karin, who welcomed everyone. With a great commitment Sune told how he began to collect radio receivers from 1910-20 and forward in time. Approximately 800-900 objects are now in Kälarne old school. Everything in the school are a journey through 100 years.


It was a very interesting day in which we remembered back how it was in the old days.





Radio Museum Kälarne – Take a trip through speech and music machine development over 110 years. Here you will see radios, phonographs, gramophones, music boxes, crystal radios, cameras, film projectors, accordions, and more in a contemporary setting with 800 – 900 items.


Location: Kälarne old school, Södervägen 4, Kälarne.

Open: July (except Mondays) at 12:00 to 16:00.

Other times please call +46 (0)70 – 262 19 76, +46 (0)696 – 40 539

GPS: Lat 62,9812, Long 16,0871