King Chulalongkorn Memorial Amateur

Radio Society in Ragunda, Sweden



SI9AM Welcome Guest Operators!


SI9AM is a perfect site for a vacation combined with amateur radio and tourism. A fully equipped Amateur Radio station with a unique callsign. Here You can create and experience a pileup from the DX-side. Try SI9AM!


SI9AM is sited right next to the exotic Thai pavilion in Utanede, Ragunda. A scenic location at the banks of Indalsälven River.


We welcome guest operators who just want to talk on the radio or compete in contests.

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The Zorbcenter

Try Zorb boll. But what is it? The absolute indescribably, violent and flashy adrenalines rush that you can get! Wild, crazy, insane and just wonderful are some of the comments.


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The station is located on Holmstagården, a nice hostel with a restaurant and a number of small but nice bedrooms. A group of 10-20 persons will be no problem.


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The Dead (water)falls has an exciting and interesting story to tell. In less than four hours, the Ragundalake lost all its water. The rapids dried out and got silent - and is now known as the Dead fall. And it’s only a stone’s throw away from the radio station.


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The Dead (water)falls


Aside from the amateur radio station, there is a number of exiting activities in the near area.


Krångede Power Station Museum

Experience the 1930s Krångede. See what it was to live and work in Krångede during that time. Here you also find a cafeteria.


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Destination Ragundadalen

There is plenty of things to choose near SI9AM.


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SM3FJF Jörgen, +46 70 394 17 45,

SM3EAE Lasse, +46 70 659 00 69,