Wednesday July 19, 2017 - Open House on SI9AM

SM3FJF/Jörgen (President of SI9AM) and SM3LIV/Ulla had the door open the whole day to show SI9AM. SM4TYC/Ulf from Falun visited SI9AM during the day.

Wednesday July 19, 2017 - The Thai Pavilion

Som pictures on the Thai Pavilion

Wednesday July 19, 2017 - afternoon

Activities in the festival area and in the Thai Pavilion area.


Wednesday July 19, 2017

Activities in the Thai Pavilion area before lunch.

Wednesday July 19, 2017, about ten a´clock

Every year on July 19 its a ceremony to honor King Chulalongkorns visit in Utanede 1897. The ceremony starts with a short work from the entrance of the Thai Pavilion area to the statue of King Chulalongkorn. Flowers and other gifts are placed in the front of the statue.


This year it was about 14 degrees centigrade and very windy but everyone was smiling and look forward to the coming activities.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 (morning)

It's a cold and gray day at the Thai Pavilion.


During five days, there will be celebrations in Utanede around the Thai Pavilion. It is 120 years since King Chulalongkorn visited Utanede and 20 years since the Thai Pavillon was built.


This morning, the exhibitors are preparing for the celebrations.


The Visitor´s Amateur Radio Station, SI9AM have "Open House" and SM3FJF/Jörgen and SM3LIV/Ulla are ready to show the SI9AM.


We had run some contacts on PSK31 as we try to enable the digital modes.