Annual meeting and Board Meeting

at SI9AM



Notice to the Annual Meeting

The date for the Annual Meeting was decided a long time ago and the notice to the Annual Meeting were sent out by mail and were also on our website.


Place and time

This year, we once again had chosen Holmstagården for the meeting and time was 11:00 local time.


Morning coffee

We started at 09.30 with coffee and sandwich.



At 10:45 ON6UQ/Marcel was online via Skype. Marcel expressed his best wishes to SI9AM annual meeting and talked about the great opportunity to visit SI9AM in Utanede.



At about eleven a' clock the annual meeting started. SM3FJF/Jörgen wished everyone welcome and showed a short slide show on different activities where SM3CVM/Lars participated during the recent years (SM3CVM/Lars silent key 2013-10-22).


Chariman for the meeting

To chairman for the annual meeting we elected SM3GHE/Nils and to secretary we elected SM3ESX/Christer.


Reports over the past year

SM3GHE/Nils presented to activity report for 2013 and SM3FJF/Jörgen thanked all well done in 2013. SM3LIV/Ulla presented the annual report for 2013.



New Chairman of SI9AM elected SM3FJF/Jörgen, Deputy Chairman elected SM3ESX/Christer, the secretary was elected SM3PXO/Petter, treasurer elected SM3LIV/Ulla. Other members of the board are SM3CER/Janne, SM3YKF/Kent, SM3JBO/Bo, SM3WMU/Tomas, SM3GHE/Nils, SA3BPE/Henrik and SM3GDT/Hans


The annual meeting ended

The annual meeting ended with SM3FJF/Jörgen thanked for the confidence to become the President for SI9AM



At noon, we made a break for lunch.


Board meeting


During the meeting following was discussed/reported:



Previous meeting minutes

HS0DZY - fellows


The membership fee


Work planning:

Going throw the Activity list

Work day May 17th

Work day August 29 – Repair Spiderbeam



Member of qrz.com



SA2YLM/Maria, SA2AWO/Mats and SA0BYP/Palle during CQ WPX


Other questions:




Next meeting:



Present during the Annual Meeting and the Board Meeting

SM3EFS/Lennart, SM3ESX/Christer, SM3EXM/Erik, SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM3GDT/Hans, SM3GHE/Nils, SM3LIV/Ulla, SM3YKF/Kent, SA3ALO/Lars-Erik, SM3TIR/Sven, SM3EAE/Lars

Via Skype: SM3PXO/Petter, SA3BPE/Henrik


Present in the radio room at SI9AM

Fredrik, Robin and Christina