2014-03-28 -- 2014-03-30



Guest operators SA2YLM/Maria, SA2AWO/Mats and SAØBYP/Palle, was running the CQ World-Wide WPX Contest SSB from SI9AM


Friday 28:th of March

At midday, SA2YLM/Maria and SA2AWO/Mats arrives at SI9AM in Utanede.

At the same time, SAØBYP/Palle arrives in Njurrunda to meet up with SM3FJF/Jörgen.

Palle and Jörgen visit the "Rail road café" for a cup of coffee and a "semla".

When the delicious "semla" is gone, a visit at Jörgens house is on the schedule. Some discussions about radio is done in the shack.

At 3 pm, Palle joins the other at SI9AM in Utanede.



Saturday 29:th of March -- Sunday 30:th or March CQ WPX Contest SSB

Good conditions for radio contest.

But to run a 48 hour contest on 3 operators is a challenge.

SA2YLM/Maria did combine her radio operating skills with the kitchen skills during this weekend.

In total the team managed to get 1316 QSO:s in the log.



Call: SI9AM


Station: SI9AM


Class: M/S HP

QTH: Utanede

Operating Time (hrs): 45



Band QSOs


160: 0

80: 152

40: 168

20: 591

15: 373

10: 32


Total: 1316

Prefixes = 636

Total Score = 1,324,788

Club: SI9AM


Monday 31:th of March

Monday morning... Even harder than a normal Monday morning. Running the contest into early morning causes a tired body.

Cleaning of SI9AM was on the schedule. Upload of logs. Soon it's time to start the long way home.

Everything has worked over expectations and 100% of the time.



We are now looking forward to the next visit at SI9AM.