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Liaison mission at Diggiloo at Utanede


Preplanning had been going on for several months, and July 14 was the big day "D" as in Diggiloo.


Early Saturday morning, July 14, radio amateurs from the associated radio clubs in Östersund, Hudiksvall, Sundsvall and Sollefteå went to Utanede. From Sundsvall SM3MEH/Tomas and SA3AWT/Pelle travelled with Sundsvall Club MRC trolley. (MRC = Mobile Radio Central). SA3CAC/Andreas brought a horse trailer and inside was a small tractor with a trailer. An extremely important resource when it comes to transport both materials and hams to the three large parking areas.


At 09:00 am most radio amateurs were in place in Utanede. During the day, there were 52 hams who worked with different things during the liaison mission. A food tent was mounted and the parking areas were marked. SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik was the general for this day and did the job brilliantly!


It had been raining a lot before this day and when it started to rain again we realized that we probably should get big problems when all cars should leave the parking areas. We then took the decision to order gravel and a tractor that could go out with 35 ton gravel to strengthen the entrances and exits to parking areas.


At 07:00 pm 900 cars was parked on parking areas and Diggiloo show could begin as planned. 4000 people was seated in front of the built-up Diggiloo scene.


At 10:30 pm the show ended and the parking areas were emptied in about 50 minutes and we could dismount the food tents and remove all signs and marker bands that were placed to mark the parking spaces.


Big thanks to everyone who helped us this day.