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2012-09-06 – 2012-09-08

Working Weekend at SI9AM



Before the next days work with the Spiderbeam we needed to cleared the undergrowth around the antenna masts. SM3BQC/Arne, SM3LJA/Kent, SM3EFS/Lennart and SM3FJF/Jörgen spent the afternoon and evening with that.



First to arrive on Friday were SM3EFS/Lennart, SM3UQO/Björn and SM3FJF/Jörgen. They started to prepare material for Saturday's work with the Spiderbeam and for the network connection. The computers shall be used in the SAC Contest CW and SSB later in September and October.


In the evening SM5SIC/Göran arrived, he will be the team leader for the SAC contests. We worked with the computers and at midnight they finally were connected in a network.



SM3EFS/Lennart, SM3UQU/Björn and SM3FJF/Jörgen slept over at SI9AM. Early in the morning SM3ZET/Urban came with a Skylift which we borrowed during the day. A little later SM3EAE/Lasse, SM3VRG/KG and SM3CVM/Lars arrived. SM3UQO/Björn did some mechanical work from the Skylift. Late afternoon the gang could make thumbs up when the Spiderbeamen come up at the right height. Perfect SWR-values.


What we did not have time to do this day was to connect the rotor cable. The work we done another time.