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2013-01-22 -- 2013-01-28

Guest Operators ON5RZ/Raf, ON7DS/Dirk and ON4JW/Jean

Tuesday, January 22

On Tuesday evening ON5RZ/Raf arrives to Sundsvall Train Station. He was warmly welcomed to Sundsvall by SM3JOS/René and SM3FJF/Jörgen who was on the platform and met him.

Then it was coffee and a chat at Jørgen's work in Sundsvall's Centre. Later on Tuesday evening, they went to Sundsvall Radio Amateurs (SK3BG) clubhouse for their weekly meeting, where the theme this evening was "Get Started on PSK31."

Wednesday, January 23

Just one day later ON7DS/Dirk and ON4JW/Jean arrived to the railway station in Sundsvall. They were greeted by SA3AWT/Pelle, SM3JOS/René and SM3FJF/Jörgen. Meanwhile ON5RZ/Raf picked up a rental car. Then they went to Sundsvall radio amateurs (SK3BG) clubhouse and have a cup of coffee before they went to SI9AM in Utanede.

Thursday, January 24

On Thursday morning SM3FJF/Jörgen got a phone call from ON5RZ/Raf who says that they had antenna problem. High SWR values on the beam for 10-15-20 meters. Jorgen explains that in the past it has been similar problems. Then they found the problem in coax connector in steel cabinet which is placed on the antenna mast.

To not loose time Jörgen took the day off and went to SI9AM in Utanede. SM3BQC/Arne followed him. When Jörgen arrived to Utanede the ON-guys had found the problem and fixed it and the SWR values were now normal again. They fixed the error in the 24-degree cold.

You can really feel the cold and see the air you blow out of your own mouth says ON5RZ/Raf. Jörgen adds, "Unfortunately, you have had problems today but take the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful winter day. The sun is shining from a clear blue sky and it's - 24 degrees”.

Inside they drink hot coffee - and Jörgen takes som picture of the guys with the fine diplomas they received after the previous contests in Utanede.

Saturday and Sunday 26 and 27 January

There was a great video success during the UBA HF SSB DX Contest, were you live could see the ON guys in UBA Contest, through a streaming video broadcast.

Their goal was to reach high points in the contest. They did a very good contest results and came in 3rd place. Big congratulations!

Results view

Monday, January 28

On Monday, it was time to travel back to Belgium.

Three happy hams met on Jörgen's work in Sundsvall for a coffee and a little after talk to UBA Contest and their Winter DXpedition to Utanede.

At the railway station SM3JOS/René and SM3FJF/Jörgen said " Welcome back" and whished them a nice train trip to Arlanda / Stockholm and the flight home to Belgium.


In the Belgian magazine CQ-QSO No. 05-06/2013 Dirk has written a travel story. The magazine is in both French and Flemish.

Read ON7DS story in French / Flemish.

SM3JOS/Rene have translated it into Swedish.

If you want to see pictures in the magazine, you must open the above pdf file.

Read the Swedish translation of the article.