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District 3 meeting in Utanede

The District 3 meeting was organized by SI9AM and took place at Holmstagården in Utanede. It was about 30 hams from Östersund, Örnsköldsvik, Sollefteå, Kramfors, Sundsvall and Gävle who this day in October had went to the meeting. They all wanted to hear and talk about District 3 questions, get information from SSA and of course listen to SMØJZT Tilman who held two very interesting presentations.

Coffee and sandwiches was served before the meeting, and all had the opportunity to say hallo to each other. SM3LDP Markku demonstrated some radio equipment he had for sale.


SM3FJF Jörgen, vice president of SI9AM, welcomed everyone to Utanede and after that the District Leader for the third call area (DL3), SM3GDT Hans opened the meeting by thanking everyone who had come to the District 3 meeting.

The meeting

During the meeting, the were information from Swedish Amateur Radio Society (SSA) and everyone had the opportunity to ask questions. SM3WMU Tomas , member of the SSA Council, presented the ongoing discussions about the questions for the amateur radio certificate. SM3FJF Jorgen gave a short information about of SSA's Youth camp, SKØYT, for seven young people, held at Holmstagården in August.

At twelve o’clock is was a break for a lunch that consisted of "Flying Jacob". At all tables there were lively discussions and mostly about amateur radio.

After lunch the District 3 meeting continued with reports about the activities in the amateur radio clubs in the third call area.

The highlight

SMØJZT Tilman, SSAs section leader of ham radio technology, went by car from Stockholm to Utanede and later on back to Stockholm, a trip around one hundred Swedish miles, just to talk to us. Outstanding Tilman!

The first presentation was about QRSS - slow telegraphy for connections with very low power. After a coffee break Tilman continued with a presentation about WSPR - modern techniques and protocols for global propagation experiments and communication with VERY low power.

Tilman is a very good speaker and all probably started to think about if they themselves or their home club could do some of the projects Tilman had spoken about.


A big thanks to everyone who visited SI9AM and District 3 meeting and a special thanks to you Tilman that inspired us all.





SM3LIV Ulla Norrmén