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DIARY AND PHOTOS 2014-07-01-- 2014-08-13


Re-Opening of the Radio Museum in Kälarne


Work with Wifi


Visiting the Radio Museum in Kälarne

2014-07-05 -- 2014-07-06

Guest Visitors SM3MTR/Per and SM3MTQ/Dan


King Chulalongkorn Day

2014-07-24 -- 2014-08-13

Guest Visitors ON4AWT/Fons and Ingrid

2014-07-01 and 2014-07-05


Re-opening of the radio museum in Kälarne

The Radio Museum in Kälarne was re-opened Tuesday July 1. During the ceremony SI9AM was represented by SM3FJF/Jörgen and SM3HKN/Kennet. Earlier was the museum in a school building in Hammarstrand, but was closed for several years due to a water damaged. The search for new suitable place began and at least they found a new location in a old school in Kälarne.

At the re-opening SM3FJF/Jörgen, president of SI9AM handed flowers and a poster "Telecommunications history" with Morse Code to the museum's owner, radio enthusiast Sune Kvist. The poster "Telecommunications history" was placed in the window above the woman sitting with a telegraph key.


Work with Wifi on SI9AM

Wednesday evening, July 2, 2014 SM3EFS/Lennart and SM3FJF/Jörgen went up to SI9AM to complete the installation of WiFi broadband in to SI9AM.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the neighbor Anders and Ulla Lundström. They let us connect via WiFi link to their broadband and the result was fantastic. SM3EFS/Lennart makes the "thumbs up", now we finally have a good broadband connection to SI9AM.



Receive Files 19.03 Mbit/s

Send files to 1.07 Mbit/s

Response time 22 ms


Visiting the radio museum in Kälarne

Radio enthusiasts met Radio Enthusiast

12 radio amateurs from SI9AM met the radio enthusiast Sune Kvist with XYL Karin, who welcomed everyone. With a great commitment Sune told how he began to collect radio receivers from 1910-20 and forward in time. Approximately 800-900 objects are now in Kälarne old school. Everything in the school are a journey through 100 years.

It was a very interesting day in which we remembered back how it was in the old days.


Radio Museum Kälarne – Take a trip through speech and music machine development over 110 years. Here you will see radios, phonographs, gramophones, music boxes, crystal radios, cameras, film projectors, accordions, and more in a contemporary setting with 800 – 900 items.

Location:   Kälarne old school, Södervägen 4, Kälarne.

Open:        July (except Mondays) at 12:00 to 16:00.

                 Other times please call +46 (0)70 – 262 19 76, +46 (0)696 – 40 539

GPS:          Lat 62,9812, Long 16,0871

2014-07-05 -- 2014-07-06

Guest Visitors SM3MTR/Per and SM3MTQ/Dan

The weekend, July 5th and 6th 2014 SM3MTR/Per and SM3MTQ/Dan visited SI9AM.


Read what they wrote in the guestbook



Visitors from Delsbo SM3MTR and SM3MTQ.

Nice weather!

On Saturday we first made a visit at the radio museum in Kälarne.

Around 15 visitors when Sune Kvist and his wife Karin showed the museum – Nice.

SM3FJF/Jörgen at SI9AM had arranged it.

During the morning we made two stops in SMFF areas on the way up from Delsbo.

After the tour to Kälarne we went through Hammarstrand and the Death Fall. There was the theater (Vildhussen) with packed stands.

Dan and I took the radio equipment with us into the nature reserve. Here we had 15 QSOs on 40 meter before we packed and came here to SI9AM.

Last night and this morning, we've run a number QSOs - a few K2 who were working in "QSO Party" in the States. Even some South Americans (Honduras o Mexico).

Good propagations!!

Thank you for a very nice hamradio QTH.

It will certainly be more visits here.


SM3MTR Per Gedda, Delsbo Radioklubb

SM3MTQ Dan Andersson, President, Delsbo Radio Club

SM3MTQ/Dan på Kälarne Radiomuseum


King Chulalong Day 2014-07-19


On July 19, 1897, King Chulalongkorn of Siam (present-day Thailand) visited Sweden and Ragunda municipality. He had got an invitation from the Swedish/Norwegian King Oscar II to the International Art and Industry Fair in Stockholm and he accepted.

King Oscar II knew that king Chulalongkorn of Siam was interested to see the Swedish sawmill industry, he chose the middle part of northern Sweden. There was beautiful scenery with bright summer nights and impressive waterfalls. King Chulalongkorn was also interested in the modern Swedish traffic, both on water and on land. 

In the middle of 1992, a Thai folk-dancing troupe visited Ragunda, and they heard about the road that had been named after their king. They visited the location and were quite fascinated. In 1993, an association was formed, Föreningen Chulalongkorns Minne (FCM) which took the first steps on the project. Ragunda municipality took the initiative and in 1994, a committee was formed to ensure the progress of the work. This committee consisted of representatives of Swedish and Thai interests. The construction work started in 1997.

The construction costs amounted to about 7,000,000 SEK. This does not include 3,000,000 SEK worth of decorations, such as the gilded sceptre. The project has been financed through fund-raising and sponsorship in Thailand and Sweden. The decorations have been made by the present Thai king's own craftsmen, while the rest of the building has been projected and constructed by companies in Jämtland.

The floor-surface is 75 square metres. The internal height is 7 metres (23 ft.) and the entire building, including the sceptre, rises no less than 26 metres (85 ft.) into the air. A stone wall made of Jämtlandic limestone frames the magnificent white building (each stone weighs 20 kgs or 44 lbs.). Inside the pavilion is a bronze life-size statue of King Chulalongkorn. This is the only pavilion of its kind outside Thailand.

King Chulalongkorn Day

The memory of King Chulalongkorn's visit July 19, 1897 in Utanede, are celebrated each year with a ceremony at the statue of the King, inside the Thai Pavilion.

The ceremony

The sun shone from a clear blue sky when the procession from the entrance building to the Thai Pavilion began. All Thai women were dressed in their beautiful costumes and most of the procession had gifts or flowers to give to the statue of the King.

Open House at SI9AM

We had open house on SI9AM and SM3LIV/Ulla and SM3FJF/Jörgen showed the Visititors  Amaterur Radio Station for interested tourists. Ulla worked about 100 radio contacts. On the 20 meter band most of the radio contacts was with European radio amateurs and on the 80 meter band with Scandinavian radio amateurs. One of the visitors during the day was SSA's district leaders SM3GDT/Hans with XYL Agneta.

2014-07-24 -- 2014-08-13

Guest Visitors

ON4AWT/Fons with XYL Ingrid


Welcome back again ON4AWT/Fons!

Fons have visited SI9AM several time since 2011, but for his wife it’s the second time in Sweden.

This time ON4AWT/Fons and his XYL Ingrid had travelled all the way from Antwerpen to Utanede by car. They went with the ferry from Kiel on July 22 and came to Gothenburg on July 23. Then they travelled to Mora were they stayed for the night. On Thursday afternoon they made a stop in Njurunda by SM3LIV/Ulla and SM3FJF/Jörgen to get the keys to SI9AM. Of course they also got coffee and a cake. Late Thursday they arrived in Utanede and SI9AM. This day it was extremely warm in Njurunda (31 degrees C) and in the whole Sweden, but Fons have been here in the end of January and also knows what winter season is.

Fons and Ingrid stayed until August 13. During this three weeks they made day trips to Sundsvall, Bispgården, Sollefteå, Östersund and some other places. They also made a little trip to Trondheim in Norway. Fons didn´t show Ingrid Hemsö Fortress, but he telled her much about it. He was one of participant on the radio camp at SF3HF Hemsö Fortress on Hemsö Island in May 2013.

Besides travelling around, see interesting places and wonderful nature there was a lot of ham radio from SI9AM.

August 9, 2014

Email from ON4AWT/Fons to SM3LIV/Ulla, SM3FJF and SM3ESX

Hi Ulla, Jörgen and Christer,

Our holiday runs slowly on its end ...

Today we are slowly getting ready to return to Antwerpen and again take some nice memories with us.

We have really enjoyed our vacation and the hospitality of SI9AM and SK3BG here in Sweden.

Time goes fast when you are on holiday and we regret that we have to leave so soon.   :-)))

I enjoyd seeing again some HAM`s from the fortress activation in 2013 at SK3BG but it seems there where a lot of them on vacation to...

Anyway I left something to enjoy in december at Jul ... skål  ;-]

We want to, very specially, thank Jörgen and Ulla for the hearty welcome with coffee and cake at our arrival and even more Jörgen for the help in getting my Telia telephone card fixed in the Telia shop at Birsta shopping center.

We had, again, a fantastic stay at the SI9AM station and enjoyd the Swedish nature and landscape. No complains about the weather, but it should have been perfect for us at 20 degrees ...    :-))

The photos and stories we take home for our friends and family but the memories we keep for ourselves...

We hope to se soon again och thanks for the hospitality.



ON4AWT (Fons)

August 13, 2014

Email from ON4AWT/Fons to  SM3FJF/Jörgen

Hey Jörgen,

Arrived yesterday around 16:30 in Mora and got to our Hostell ... the weather was not so good but after 20:00 we got it dry ... Not to hot to sleep and nice accomodation here ... nice salon downstairs with TV, internet and even a sauna :-)

Lots of activity as there is a rally planned ... the Vasaloppet ... seems popular because I see lots of logistics getting build up. ICA seems to be one of the big sponsors ...

We are completele surrounded by tents and trucks, public toalett and more ... Think it is all going to happen this weekend ... Running, biking or skeeing with the longest distance beeing 90 km ...

Around 21:00 hours i tried to contact my friend Gert (ON4GAV/MM) on his sailing yacht in Oostende (Belgian port) but my signal was to weak...

Mobile I use a Yeasu FT-857 with an ATAS-120 antenna on the car...

He is in the port surrounded by other sailing yachts with their mast grounded so very difficult for signals to get out or get in ...

I tried some other stations and could work Greece, France and Switserland but all stations with some bigger antenna and lite more power ... 800 watts :-))

Today we went to the birthplace of the Dalarna horse ... Nusnäs ...

Could see how the horses where cut out of wood and the different steps until handpainted by some two beautifull Swedisch ladys ...

We bought some souvenirs and went to the shore on the lake to admire the wonderfull houses built near the lake.

Took a walk along the lake and enjoyed another wonderfull sunny day.

We also did some shopping at the lokal ICA for our picknicks tomorrow and around 17:00 h hours we returned to the hostell to prepare for the next 500 km tomorrow to Göteborg.

73" to you and Ulla

take care

Ingrid & Alfons