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Radio Society in Ragunda, Sweden


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SM3LIV Ulla Norrmén

2020-10-21 Wednesday

DD2CW/Jef, ON3UN/Dirk and ON6LY/Cis are now on their way to Sweden and SI9AM in Utande, about 450 Swedish kilometers north of Stockholm

12.30 UTC: DD2CW/Jef arrives to Arlanda, Stockholm Aiport. He now has to wait for his friends.

14.00 UTC: ON3UN/Dirk and ON6LY/Cis arrives to Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport. Their flight route was changed and are now also delayed. The scheduled departure to Arlanda is 16.30 UTC.

19.00 UTC: Dirk and Cis has now arrived to Arlanda.

The guys have decided to stay in a hotel in Stockholm and drive up to Utanede tomorrow, Thursday. It is a wise decision because the weather in Utanede is 0 degrees with both rain and snow.

2020-10-22 Thursday 13.20 UTC.

Jef, Dirk and Cis have now arrived to SI9AM.
Please listen on the bands and give them a call.

2020-10-23 Friday 07.00 UTC

Between 17.30 UTC und 22.00 UTC Thursday they worked about 500 QSOs.

2020-10-24 Saturday 16.00 UTC

Until 22.00 UTC on Friday they worked about 1300 QSOs.
Today (Saturday) until 10.00 UTC they have worked 609 QSOs in CQ WW Contest.

2020-10-25 Sunday 05.30 UTC

Now they have worked 1100 QSOs in CQ WW Contest, 800 FT8  QSOs and about 800 other QSOs.

2020-10-26 Monday 07.00 UTC

When the contest ended 24.00 UTC on Sunday night SI9AM had worked 1704 QSO, Single Band 40M.
Congratulations to a very good result.

2020-10-27 Tuesday 11.00 UTC
Jef, Dirk and Cis will close down at 11.30 UTC.

Thanks to DD2CW/Jef, ON3UN/Dirk and ON6LY/Francis


Regularly for twelve years Jef has visited SI9AM, Dirk nine years and Francis two years. Some years ON6UQ/Marcel and ON7TQ/Roger have been our guests. Jef, Dirk, Francis, Marcel and Roger have during the years worked about fifty thousand QSOs.


This time 22 – 27 October 2020 they have worked totally 4540 QSOs. 1704 QSOs in CQ WW Contest, 1205 QSOs on FT8  and 1631 QSOs on other band/modes.


We are sure that many hams around the world are thankful for your activation of SI9AM.


Once again, a big THANK YOU.

Coming Activities

    2020-10-21 - - 2020-10-28


    DD2CW/Jef and ON6LY/Francis

    2020-11-28- - 2020-11-29


    SM3EAE/Lars and


    ON3UN/Dirk, DD2CW/Jef

    New QSL Manager SM3FJF Jörgen Norrmén

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    Special QSL Information

    Radio contacts from SI9AM, during the period:

    • March 21 to March 28, 2017
    • October 24 to October 30, 2017
    • March 20 to March 26, 2018
    • March 26 to April 01, 2019
    • October 21 to October 28, 2020

    All QSL for radio contacts during these periods, will be sent from ON3UN, Dirk Martens.

    Please send Bureau QSL for these periods to

    SI9AM via ON3UN

    Please send Direct QSL to:

    ON3UN Dirk Martens

    Spoorwegstraat 56

    Turnhout 2300


    SWL-QSL is welcome!


    Welcome to SI9AM, the Visitor´s Amateur Radio Station in Sweden.

    QTH at Holmstagården, Utanede, about 200 meters from the Thai Pavilion.

    Accommodation can be arranged in the same building at a low cost.

    The Visitor´s Amateur Radio Station SI9AM was officially open on July 19, 2000 in connection with the celebrations of the King Chulalongkorn Day.

    All amateurs around the world are welcome to visit us and operate with the callsign SI9AM.

    Members who were

    SI9AM Ambassadors in year 2019.

    1. SM3EXM  Erik
    2. Emerenciana Kjörsvik
    3. SM3FJF   Jörgen
    4. SM3EAE  Lars
    5. SM3GFN  Ingvar
    6. SA3CNC  Robin
    7. SA3BYC  Johan

    Become an Ambassador of SI9AM

    Members who are SI9AM Ambassadors

    in year 2020.

    1. ON4AWT  Alfons
    2. SM3EXM Erik
    3. Emerencia Kjörsvik
    4. PIA
    5. SM3GFN Ingvar
    6. SM3FJF Jörgen
    7. SM3EAE Lars
    8. SM3GDT Hans
    9. SA3BYC Johan

    Pay 250 SEK and support SI9AM for one year.

    Breaking News!

    We are sorry to inform you that SI9AM, the Visitor´s Amateur Radio Station in Utanede, Sweden will be closed down on December 1, 2020.

    The Visitor´s Station is owned by eight radio clubs in the third call area in Sweden. SI9AM has reported losses for several years and has not had any guest operators since February 2020 due to the Covid19 Pandemic. The board has now decided to close down the visitor station.


    We started the Visitor’s station on July 19, 2000 and have worked about 160,000 QSOs.

    Thanks to all Guest Operators, Visitors, all radio amateurs who have worked us and everyone who has supported us during the years.

    We will continue to answer QSL-cards and send SI9AM Awards.

    Jörgen Norrmén, SM3FJF
    President of SI9AM