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DIARY AND PHOTOS 2013-01-13-- 2013-07-19


King Chulalongkorn Day and Open House at SI9AM


Board Meeting via Skype


Planning day and Board Meeting at SI9AM


Annual Meeting and Board Meeting at SI9AM


Work at SI9AM


Work at SI9AM

2013-01-22 -- 2013-01-28

Guestoperators ON5RZ/Raf, ON7DS/Dirk and ON4JW/Jean


Board Meeting via Skype


Work at SI9AM 


King Chulalongkorn Day and Open House at SI9AM


On July 19, 1897, King Chulalongkorn of Siam (present-day Thailand) visited Sweden and Ragunda municipality. He had got an invitation from the Swedish/Norwegian King Oscar II to the International Art and Industry Fair in Stockholm and he accepted.

King Oscar II knew that king Chulalongkorn of Siam was interested to see the Swedish sawmill industry, he chose the middle part of northern Sweden. There was beautiful scenery with bright summer nights and impressive waterfalls. King Chulalongkorn was also interested in the modern Swedish traffic, both on water and on land.

In the middle of 1992, a Thai folk-dancing troupe visited Ragunda, and they heard about the road that had been named after their king. They visited the location and were quite fascinated. In 1993, an association was formed, Föreningen Chulalongkorns Minne (FCM) which took the first steps on the project. Ragunda municipality took the initiative and in 1994, a committee was formed to ensure the progress of the work. This committee consisted of representatives of Swedish and Thai interests. The construction work started in 1997.

The construction costs amounted to about 7,000,000 SEK. This does not include 3,000,000 SEK worth of decorations, such as the gilded sceptre. The project has been financed through fund-raising and sponsorship in Thailand and Sweden. The decorations have been made by the present Thai king's own craftsmen, while the rest of the building has been projected and constructed by companies in Jämtland.

The floor-surface is 75 square metres. The internal height is 7 metres (23 ft.) and the entire building, including the sceptre, rises no less than 26 metres (85 ft.) into the air. A stone wall made of Jämtlandic limestone frames the magnificent white building (each stone weighs 20 kgs or 44 lbs.). Inside the pavilion is a bronze life-size statue of King Chulalongkorn. This is the only pavilion of its kind outside Thailand.

King Chulalongkorn Day

The project laid a new foundation for the development of Thai/Swedish relationships among them political, cultural and commercial. Contacts were made on government level, in national and regional administration, defence, universities, trade and commerce. Among other things, this has led to the forming of a Thai-Swedish chamber of commerce. King Chulalongkorn Day is celebrated every year the 19th of July in Ragunda.

The ceremony

Unfortunately was the weather not so good. It was cloudy and the air was chilly for the season, about 12-13 degrees when the procession from the entrance building to the Thai Pavilion started. Many were dressed in beautiful costumes and many had nice flower arrangement to put down at Chulalongkorn statue inside the Thai Pavilion. After the ceremony there was a dance show inside the greenhouse.

Open House

We had Open house between 10:00 to 17:00 on SI9AM, during the celebration of King Chulalongkorn Day. SM3LIV/Ulla, SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM3EFS/Lennart and SM3BQC/Arne activated the Visiting Amateur Radiostation. Ulla took the opportunity work about 150 QSOs on 14 MHz during the day from SI9AM.

Preparing for SK0YTs Youth Camp

At 11.00 Lennart, Arne and Jörgen began to install two antennas to be used during SK0YTs youth camp in August 9 to 11. A Diamond, 6-band vertical antenna and a 3-band 2-element Fritzel Beam.

Visit by SA3ALO with YL

At 11:45 SA3ALO/Lars-Erik and YL Johanna visited us. They asked if we needed any help. We gratefully accepted their helping hands, so the answer was immediate YES! During two hours we work continued to tune antennas for the best SWR values.

Visit by SM0SHG

During the day SM0SHG/Adde made a short visit.

Test of the antennas

At about 14:30 we were ready with the antenna job and Jörgen could run some QSOs to make sure that everything worked. We also worked some PSK31 QSOs to check the SignaLink modem and computer equipment.

Visit by Magnus Gunnarsson

Magnus Gunnarsson responsible for the Thai Pavilion made a visit to get more information about our Visiting Amateur Radiostation. With him was Hans R. Bjorkman, who proved to be a DX listener. Both were very impressed by the connections we establish with amateur radio around the world. One of Hans interest was islands and he could the names of many of the islands, which for us is rare DX.


Board meeting via Skype

Present during the meeting:


Following was discussed/reported during the meeting:

  • Reports:

A no to our application for a grant

  • Coming activities:

King Chulalongkorn Day

SK0YT Youth Camp

Working Day August 30 – September 1



Ham meeting in Utanede October 5

Youth camp at SI9AM

Guest operators in October

  • Next meeting:

August 19


Planning day and board meeting at SI9AM

Thursday Morning

Early on Thursday morning SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM3ESX/Christer and SM3BQC/Arne went to Utanede for a "planning meeting" and later in the day also a Board meeting.

They were greeted by ON4AWT/Fons who this week was guest operator at SI9AM. During the coffee break SM3EAE/Lars, SM5SIC/Göran and SM3GDT/Hans arrived.

Focus for the planning meeting was to see and discuss what must be done at SI9AM during the summer and the autumn.

After lunch

After lunch SM3GDT/Hans, SM5SIC/Göran, ON4AWT/Fons and SM3FJF/Jörgen walked around inside the Holmstagården, to make a detailed planning for the coming youth camp, SKØYT. The date is August 9-11 and seven young people will participate in the camp.

SM3ESX/Christer, SM3EAE/Lars and SM3BQC/Arne inspected the antenna masts and electrical cabinet where all the feeders are connected.

The switchboard must be replaced with a larger and more customized cabinets to meet future expansions of antennas.

Board Meeting

At 15:00 came SM3GHE/Nils and SI9AM held a board meeting. Those who could not attend was connected via SKYPE.

Following was discussed/reported during the meeting:

  • Reports:

the last protocol

no other reports

  • Work planning and review for the summer
  • SK0YT Youth Camp in Utanede on 9-11 August,
  • The sale by tender to SA3BPG
  • Reservation State
  • The next board meeting July 1

Present during the board meeting



Annual meeting and Board meeting at SI9AM

Notice to the Annual Meeting

The date for the Annual Meeting was decided a long time ago and the notice to the Annual Meeting was sent out by mail and were also on our website.


Place and time

This year, we once again had chosen Holmstagården for the meeting and time was 11:00 local time.


We started with coffee and cake.

The annual meeting begins

At about eleven a' clock the annual meeting started.


To chairman for the annual meeting we elected SM3YKF/Kent and to secretary we elected SM3ESX/Christer.

SM3CVM/Lars presented to activity report for 2012 and SM3LIV/Ulla presented the annual report for 2012.

Then some elections for the new council were made and then the meeting was closed and SM3CVM/Lars thanked everyone for the fine work over the past year.


At noon, we made a break for lunch.

Board meeting

The day ended with a boarding meeting.

During the meeting following was discussed/reported:

  • Reports:

The last minutes

A new Grant application


Ham meeting in Utanede October 5

  • Working Day at SI9AM May 9

Thanks to SM3CVM/Lars who has given us some cables

  • Youth Camp at SI9AM August 9-11
  • RAST scolarship 2014
  • The sale by tender to the SM3LIV and SM3FJF
  • Next boarding meeting in Utande May 9

Present during the Annual Meeting and the Board Meeting

SM3BQC/Arne, SM3CVM/Lars, SM3EFS/Lennart, SM3ESX/Christer, SM3EXM/Erik, SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM3GDT/Hans, SM3GHE/Nils, SM3LIV/Ulla, SM5SIC/Göran, SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik, SM3YKF/Kent.


Work at SI9AM

SM3UQO/Björn, SM3EFS/Lennart and SM3FJF/Jörgen went to Utanede. The aim was to see if we could reach more nearby repeaters, and improve the quality of direct frequencies, especially when working around the Thai Pavilion with the liaison mission.


Work at SI9AM

SM3EFS/Lennart and SM3FJF/Jörgen went to Utanede to install the other of the two newly purchased computers. Meanwhile, SM3EFS/Lennart installed the necessary software in the computer, SM3FJF/Jörgen went down to the Thai Pavilion and photographed some nice winter pictures.

2013-01-22 -- 2013-01-28

Guest Operators ON5RZ/Raf, ON7DS/Dirk and ON4JW/Jean

Tuesday, January 22

On Tuesday evening ON5RZ/Raf arrives to Sundsvall Train Station. He was warmly welcomed to Sundsvall by SM3JOS/René and SM3FJF/Jörgen who was on the platform and met him.

Then it was coffee and a chat at Jørgen's work in Sundsvall's Centre. Later on Tuesday evening, they went to Sundsvall Radio Amateurs (SK3BG) clubhouse for their weekly meeting, where the theme this evening was "Get Started on PSK31."

Wednesday, January 23

Just one day later ON7DS/Dirk and ON4JW/Jean arrived to the railway station in Sundsvall. They were greeted by SA3AWT/Pelle, SM3JOS/René and SM3FJF/Jörgen. Meanwhile ON5RZ/Raf picked up a rental car. Then they went to Sundsvall radio amateurs (SK3BG) clubhouse and have a cup of coffee before they went to SI9AM in Utanede.

Thursday, January 24

On Thursday morning SM3FJF/Jörgen got a phone call from ON5RZ/Raf who says that they had antenna problem. High SWR values on the beam for 10-15-20 meters. Jorgen explains that in the past it has been similar problems. Then they found the problem in coax connector in steel cabinet which is placed on the antenna mast.

To not loose time Jörgen took the day off and went to SI9AM in Utanede. SM3BQC/Arne followed him. When Jörgen arrived to Utanede the ON-guys had found the problem and fixed it and the SWR values were now normal again. They fixed the error in the 24-degree cold.

You can really feel the cold and see the air you blow out of your own mouth says ON5RZ/Raf. Jörgen adds, "Unfortunately, you have had problems today but take the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful winter day. The sun is shining from a clear blue sky and it's - 24 degrees”.

Inside they drink hot coffee - and Jörgen takes som picture of the guys with the fine diplomas they received after the previous contests in Utanede.

Saturday and Sunday 26 and 27 January

There was a great video success during the UBA HF SSB DX Contest, were you live could see the ON guys in UBA Contest, through a streaming video broadcast.

Their goal was to reach high points in the contest. They did a very good contest results and came in 3rd place. Big congratulations!

Results view

Monday, January 28

On Monday, it was time to travel back to Belgium.

Three happy hams met on Jörgen's work in Sundsvall for a coffee and a little after talk to UBA Contest and their Winter DXpedition to Utanede.

At the railway station SM3JOS/René and SM3FJF/Jörgen said " Welcome back" and whished them a nice train trip to Arlanda / Stockholm and the flight home to Belgium.


In the Belgian magazine CQ-QSO No. 05-06/2013 Dirk has written a travel story. The magazine is in both French and Flemish.

Read ON7DS story in French / Flemish.

SM3JOS/Rene have translated it into Swedish.

If you want to see pictures in the magazine, you must open the above pdf file.

Read the Swedish translation of the article.


Board meeting via Skype

Present during the meeting:


Following was discussed/reported during the meeting:

  • Reports:

Financial report

Report from Diggiloo 2012

Holmstagården, what happens

Application for a grant


WARC beamen


  • Some decisions were made:

To buy two computers

To buy a printer

  • Looking back year 2012
  • Planning
  • Some other questions:

Youth camp at SI9AM

  • Next meeting:

Not decided yet


Work at SI9AM

2013 first working day at SI9AM.

SI9AM has invested in two new desktop computers. This Sunday SM3BQC/Arne, SM3EFS/Lennart and SM3FJF/Jörgen went to the Visiting Amateur Radio Station and mounted one of the two computers. It took a while to install and move the necessary software from the old computer.

On request from our guests you now will find more saucepans and other kitchen equipment in the kitchen.